About us

We’ve been bringing people together for over 10 years. With our events, with our coaching and consulting activities. We are looking for the „social glue“, for what connects people.
For 4 years we have been developing the technology miitya. Today with a clear orientation:

On the one hand we address NPOs and NGOs who want to give their supporters and activists a mobile solution so that they have a safe space to find, organize, communicate, strengthen and collaborate with each other. And this in real time and according to their needs and location. On the other hand, we also address trade unions, associations and societies and their members.
Operator information (content, surveys, campaigns) can be played out with high relevance according to user needs and location.

In Germany alone, there are over 30 million volunteers who are committed to the climate, the environment, nutrition, nature, humanity, social welfare and charity. In addition, there are countless sponsors. We have over 700,000 clubs and associations with around 40 million members, and almost 6 million people are united in a trade union for better working conditions.

Actually we are looking for a social venture or an impact investment that supports us to help existing customers and leads (trade unions, environmental organisations) to achieve their goals faster and better and to be able to work the „market“ of NGOs more actively so that participation, social commitment, climate, environment and animal protection can develop more efficiently and sustainably.


Johannes F. Woll
Marketing & Communication
Roland Oehen-Kanzow
IT & Product
Svenja Op gen Oorth
Christoph Baur
Design / UI
Prasad Chaudhari
Development / Architectur / Testing
Andre Marquis
Core Information Model
Kai Beck
Heavy User / Testing


Social Event GmbH
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